For nearly a decade, financial market firms have relied on us to provide authoritative research and views on regulatory and technological changes that affect the future of their business.

Using our extensive expertise and strategies, we develop independent conclusions to help you navigate the future of financial markets: this is at the core of who we are and what we do.

We share some of specialised reports and our broader insights here. For how we can help you, contact us.


An unmatched understanding, authoritative views and intelligence

Market Structure Partners provides meaningful yet understandable reports, offering industry insights based on extensive experience, interviews and research.

Reports currently available:

Report on International Clearing Models for the South African Market – January 2023

Market Structure Partners was asked to conduct a report for The Banking Association of South Africa (BASA) on South Africa’s central counterparty clearing model. The Executive Summary, Main Report and Appendices are all available to download.

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The Study on the Creation of an EU Consolidated Tape – October 2020

Undertaken on behalf of the European Commission, this Study examines the needs and requirements for consolidated data in Europe and proposes how to bring it to fruition. The Executive Summary, Main Report and Appendices are all available to download.

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Quantifying the Future: Investment Recommendations Go Digital – December 2016

Our exploration of the increasing use of quantitative techniques in asset management combined with regulatory change to the handling of investment recommendations led us to compelling conclusions that will see significant change to the industry.

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International Cost Benchmark Review – October 2014

As detailed in the case study above; an independent report into the costs of trading by Market Structure Partners; commissioned by 10 leading Australian clearing participants.

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Improving the Market Performance of Business Information Services Regarding Listed SMEs – July 2014

Market Structure Partners provided the financial markets expertise for the European Commission’s study in understanding the full impact of commercial business information services on listed SMEs. This report contributed to the thinking behind the Commission’s plan for the Capital Markets Union.

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Can’t See the Wood for the Trees? The Myths and Realities of European Equity Trading

The aim of this report is to promote a wider understanding of the current state of the European equity market and its evolution which has brought us to the present status quo. It explains why, in the context of this evolution, there is less reason for knee jerk reaction and more time needed for a considered response to certain developments of the market and why perhaps other more fundamental issues should be addressed. The focus is on Europe but, with markets also becoming increasingly global, the development of the US market plays a significant part in illuminating parts of the story.

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We can help to navigate European financial markets regulation.

Financial markets regulation is a complex and growing sphere in which our extensive experience and consistent engagement uniquely positions us to offer meaningful guidance to our wide range of clients.

Our knowledge and engagement with regulatory legislation is wide, however, we aim to provide some guidance in key areas such as MiFID II, EMIR and the Capital Markets Union. We are also keeping a close eye on developments as the UK prepares to leave the EU. Visit our pages at our dedicated Market Structure area.

Future of Financial Markets

We can help you understand the unknown.

Market Structure is always evolving and we believe that technology is the driving force behind future innovation and regulatory change. The participation with technological advances varies across the market, but as these fringe revolutions become mainstream, their impact will be felt by everyone through shifting expectations, increased demand and accompanying regulation.

We have highlighted three key areas that we expect to dominate financial regulation in the coming months and years: Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and crowdfunding.

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