Market Structure Partners’ CEO Niki Beattie is often quoted in the financial press on a wide range of international market regulation issues. Find all the links to the articles below.

Niki Beattie is also regularly featured in video interviews across the media and at industry events.

20 Oct 2017
Tough times loom for LSE after Rolet bows out
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…His successor will inherit a company facing the political challenges of the UK’s departure from the European Union hanging over it while markets rapidly evolve to encompass new technologies such as blockchain.


“He’s had a great run but it’s going to get a lot more difficult for the LSE,” says Niki Beattie, head of Market Structure Partners, a capital markets consultancy. “The LSE board will have to play a crucial role in thinking about the challenges the exchange will face.”


When the 57-year-old announced his retirement from the 319-year-old institution for a second time, he stressed there would be no immediate change to LSE’s strategy. “The fact that I’m going to be here for some time means it will be business as usual,” Mr Rolet told analysts…

19 Oct 2017
London Stock Exchange CEO Rolet to Leave Group by End of 2018
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…The LSE said in a statement Thursday that it will start a search for a successor to Rolet, who has been in charge since May 2009. Rolet would have retired this year if all had gone to plan with the merger with Deutsche Boerse AG, but regulators blocked the takeover on antitrust concerns.


“He has a number of good lieutenants, but they would want to scan the market given the likely changes in the exchange world,” said Niki Beattie, founder of consultancy Market Structure Partners in London. “Given he is not going until December next year, I expect that is to give them time to have a good look around.”


Rolet, whose career started in the 1980s as a trader at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., transformed LSE from a business mostly focused on cash equities into a group with strong positions in …

14 Sep 2017
XTX Markets Secures Niki Beattie as Non-Executive Chairman of Board
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XTX Markets, a leading non-bank liquidity provider in the forex industry, has announced the latest addition to its personnel – investment banking specialist Niki Beattie.

Ms. Beattie joins XTX Markets’ board after a lengthy career in the capital markets space, during which she has focused on market structure and held several leading consultancy roles. She will step into the role of Non-Executive Director and Chairman on October 1, 2017.

Alex Gerko and Zar Amrolia, co-CEO’s of XTX Markets, commented: “We are delighted to have Niki join the team. She has a deep experience and domain knowledge in trading technology, market structure, regulations and governance. We look forward to her bringing this wealth of experience to XTX Markets as we transition to a global company.” …

14 Sep 2017
Electronic trader XTX appoints chairman
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XTX Markets, one of the new breed of electronic trading firms taking share from banks, has named a market structure expert at another of Europe’s upstart trading outfits to its board.

Niki Beattie, a former head of Europe, Middle East and Africa market structure at Merrill Lynch, will take on the role of non-executive director and chairman on October 1, XTX said in a statement.

Her strategic advisory firm, Market Structure Partners, works with trading venues and clearing houses, among others, on the rules and regulations governing securities trading in capital markets.

14 Sep 2017
XTX appoints Niki Beattie as non-executive chairman
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Non-bank liquidity provider XTX Markets has appointed Niki Beattie as a non-executive chairman and a member of the board, effective from October 1.

Beattie is the founder and managing director of independent consultancy Market Structure Partners. She also holds a number of non-executive board roles, including as non-executive chairman of the Aquis Exchange.

Beattie is also a member of the Secondary Markets Advisory Committee of the European Securities Markets Authority, …

14 Sep 2017
Niki Beattie joins XTX Markets’ board as non-executive Chairman
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XTX Markets names Niki Beattie as a Non-Executive Director and Chairman effective 1st October.
After a career in investment banking, Ms. Beattie founded Market Structure Partners which is an independent strategic consultancy specialising in capital markets structure where she has worked on many projects with some of the world’s leading trading venues, hedge funds, asset managers and government institutions…

30 Aug 2017
Mifid II will deliver long-overdue value for money
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New EU rules are great news for pension funds and retail investors, says Norma Cohen

…Take the requirement to unbundle the purchase of research services, says Nicola Beattie, founder of Market Structure Partners, a consultancy specialising in helping buy- and sellside companies to improve interaction. Under current practice, end clients pay for research; returns to investors are net of brokerage commissions. “Free” research to fund managers is effectively paid for by their clients. Fund managers “are not going to pay more for research than they used to pay”, Ms Beattie says, “but now it will come out of their own profit and loss account.” That, in turn, could mean higher returns for pension schemes. Already some of the biggest names in fund management have announced their intention to do just that, including Vanguard, Aberdeen and Jupiter…

20 Jul 2017
Prosecutor’s offer to drop probe eases pressure on Deutsche Börse chief
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…“This must have been a massive distraction for the board and for him,” says Niki Beattie, chief executive of Market Structure Partners, a consultancy. “I don’t think there’s been a clear strategy since he joined, apart from buying the LSE. He’s got his work cut out.”

10 Jul 2017
Dark Pool Traders Find MiFID Workarounds to Stay in the Shadows
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…Regulators appreciate that buying and selling big blocks of shares comes with a risk of nimbler rivals sniffing out trades. “It’s quite clear that the caps are going to kill off dark trading in a lot of stocks, but we might see systematic internalizers and other ad hoc ways of trading starting to flourish,” said Niki Beattie, a consultant who runs Market Structure Partners in London. “The world is evolving into something different, and we do not know what it is.”

18 May 2017
Brokers Giving Away Best Trade Ideas Leads to Unexpected Paydays
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In a world turned upside down by new rules on how research is paid for, this is one model — known as “alpha capture” — that is gaining traction. It’s a tool for investors to help establish the value of ideas now that banks are about to be barred from bundling research costs into trading commissions…. “It’s evolved from nothing to being a globally accepted practice,” said Niki Beattie, a Merrill Lynch alumna who now heads adviser Market Structure Partners. “With MIFID II, clients will have to be more discerning about the information they take, how they use it and how they pay for it.”